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Alka pH Test strips: 100 pieces

“Measure your pH balance”

Acidification can easily be measured through the urine. The Alka® pH Test Strips gives you an indication of the level of acidification of your body.

  • Measuring the acidity level can be done easily by yourself
  • Results visible within seconds
  • Packaging includes useful pH color scheme
  • Medical grade pH test strips
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Alka® pH Test strips
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The importance of an accurate pH balance

Good pH is one of the most critical factors for good health. When the acidity levels are too high it can affect the functioning of the body. Factors that influence our pH values are nutrition, stress, use of medication, intensive physical strain and environmental factors. Our body has a built-in regulation system. In case of abnormalities, the body itself starts neutralizing and removing acidic waste. However, when the acidification level within the body is (too) high, important mineral stocks decrease, resulting in all kinds of complaints. It is therefore important to maintain the pH value optimally.

testing pHDifferent pH-values within one body

The body does not have one ideal pH value. All kinds of different tissues or fluids within the body, such as saliva, urine or blood, each have their own optimal pH value. For the proper functioning of various bodily functions, it is important to maintain the level of acidity in the body. Measuring the pH value is a useful tool.

With Alka® pH Test Strips you can easily measure the acidity of fluids. A liquid is acidic if the pH is lower than 7 and a liquid is alkaline if the pH is higher than 7. Just dip the pH strip in the liquid (for instance urine), then compare the colors of the strip with the color card and you will know what your pH value is.


Direction of use when measuring your pH level

By measuring your urine with the Alka® pH-Test strips you can get an indication of the acidification level of your body. To get the best possible outcome of your acidity level, you should measure three times in one day.

If you want to monitor the progress of your acid-base balance, you can repeat the measurements every 2 weeks.


pH ValueTo measure your pH value:

  • Prior to the test day, do not eat or drink anything from 8:00 PM on, except water.
  • Start the test day by measuring the morning urine.
  • Take the 2nd measurement in the afternoon around 1:00 PM with a new test strip.
  • Close the test day in the evening with a final measurement around 8:00 PM.


Calculate result:

By noting down the measured pH values, you can calculate the average daily value by adding up the 3 measurements and dividing by 3.


What does the result mean to you?

You can interpret the result of the average pH value of the 3 consecutive test days as follows:

Average pH value between 6.5 and 7.0 = no significant acidification

Average pH value between 5.5 and 6.5 = moderate acidification

Average pH value between 4.5 and 5.5 = high degree of acidification


Good to know:

Morning urine measurements are often the most acidic, because the body produces a lot of acidic waste during the night.

Net content: 100 test strips

  • 1 package is good for more than 1 year of use (when measuring twice a week)
  • Medical grade pH test strips
  • Measuring range pH 4.5 - 10
  • Includes useful pH color scheme

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